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Qtus Spider Mosquito Nets

Qtus Spider Mosquito Nets

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No more bugs and other unwanted creatures.

This mosquito net for Qtus Spider Seat protects your child against bugs and other unwanted bugs. The dark grey mesh provides extra shadow for an even more comfortable ride.

A warm summer day, a lot of sun, swarms of flies. You can walk untroubled outside with your child in the Qtus Spider. The mosquito net seat for the full-sized, yet still lightweight and easy to handle stroller Spider is specially made to have a perfect fit on the seat. It keeps insects and other unwanted creatures out and even offers extra shade for your little one.

  • Protects against bugs.
  • Provides extra shadow.
  • Protects against flies.
  • Easy to attach and detach.
  • Easy to stow away when not needed.

Qtus Spider Seat and Carry Cot Mosquito Nets are Sold Separately

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