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BeSafe iZi Plus X1 - Extended Rear-Facing Safety & Comfort

BeSafe iZi Plus X1 - Extended Rear-Facing Safety & Comfort

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The BeSafe iZi Plus X1 car seat is a paradigm of child safety, suitable for children from approximately 6 months to around 5 years of age. This rear-facing seat, known for being five times safer than forward-facing, can accommodate a child up to 25 kg.

Its Plus Test approval signifies adherence to the strictest safety standards, focusing on minimizing forces on a child's neck in severe frontal impacts. The seat is equipped with built-in Side Impact Protection (SIP) in the seat shell and headrest, along with an enhanced SIP+ with a new fastening mechanism.

The iZi Plus X1 is practical and comfortable, growing with your child and providing superior legroom for older children. The adjustable headrest and the extra padded body hugger make it suitable from an early age. Its soft body hugger and semi-floating mounting allow for stability, support, and the best recline position.

Installation is straightforward using the car's 3-point belt, making it versatile for most vehicles. The high-quality materials and machine-washable textile cover add to the ease of maintenance.


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