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20th anniversary of the crib that captured our hearts
Is there anything more precious than the image of our little loved ones curled, sprawled and snuggled
up in peaceful slumber? Their small hands coiled around their favourite blanket or daddy’s finger as we
wait for them to drift in to the land of nod, often delaying our own retreat for a few extra, treasured
moments. This is when our little ones are at their most vulnerable, this is when all the worries of the day
melt away… this is home.

When starting or growing our families, it’s the crib that becomes the heart of the nursery and home.
After all, it’s where your loved ones can end up spending most of their time as they surrender to the
world at nap time and at night to process all they have learned and give respite to their growing little
bodies. We lovingly place them there in good faith that this is the best space for them to be in at this
special time in their day.

The crib is more than just a bed with walls. So, at Stokke®, when we decided to create our own, we
knew we wanted to design something very special. Something more than just a safe, little bed.
Something that will honor this important experience for both baby and parents.

Twenty years ago, the Stokke® Sleepi™ concept was born and since then it has won over the hearts of
families all over the world, making it one of the most popular cribs available. Parents and Parents-to-be
loved the Stokke® Sleepi™ crib so much it also became one of the most instagrammable baby beds,
with its inspired and iconic design capturing our imaginations. But it doesn’t just look great, it’s a design
born of the need to create something more special and functional than the same square counterparts
that have gone unchallenged for so long.

The magic behind the iconic design
We spoke to one of the original lead designers and asked what makes this such an extraordinary and
popular piece, even twenty years on. Susanne Grønlund not only co-designed the Stokke® Sleepi™
crib, but also gave it pride of place in her own family, with her four grandchildren sleeping in and
growing with it throughout the years.

Where did your inspiration come from?
Both Claus Hviid Knudsen (the other design brain behind Stokke® Sleepi™) and I had lots of
experience designing children’s toys which taught us the important of playfulness, fantasy and the
importance of truly understanding the child’s world and needs. We wanted to incorporate these things
in the crib. I think that’s what is so important and special about this bed compared to others.

We also wanted to make it easy for the parents to move their sleeping baby throughout the house,
which is another reason for the compact size and lockable swivel wheels. We wanted to help
strengthen the “togetherness” and bonds between baby and parents, just like the Tripp Trapp® chair.

What were the main challenges you were trying to solve in designing a crib
like this?
We’ve always had a strong focus on having many useful functions but with very few components.
Designing items for children has a unique problem in that their needs change so fast, meaning parents
feel they have to buy a long list of products in a short time. We wanted to address this by making it
easier for parents in the long run to fulfil different needs. Features like the adjustable height, swivel
wheels and extension kits to have the bed grow with the child are good examples of this. Alongside all
of this we also knew that security, comfort, strength and ease to clean were core proponents of our
design from day one.

The unique oval shape has become quite iconic. Why did you use that
shape and why do you think it’s so popular?
The oval shape is very much inspired by the shape of the mother’s belly and baby’s home before they
arrived in the world. No sharp edges or clunky squares; it’s a very human friendly shape.
At the time Stokke® Sleepi™ was launched all children’s beds were square and very much alike but we
knew there was a way to create something more functional, comfortable and pleasing to the senses.
When parents come across the Sleepi for the first time and run their hand across the soft form of that
top rail they instantly fall in love. This crib is a unique and eye-catching addition to people’s home that
really appeals to their imagination.

About Stokke® Sleepi™ – The Design Icon
#StokkeSleepi – It’s one of the most instagrammable baby products on the market because of its
inspiring shape, gorgeous colours and its ability to turn any room into the nursery of your dreams. You’ll
find Stokke® Sleepi™ trending across social platforms as it captures the imagination of families all over
the world.
A design legacy – Born in 1999 from Danish designers Susanne Grønlund and Klaus Hviid Knudsen
who envisioned a whole new way of looking at the design of cribs, far from the status quo of the boxy
four walls that have gone unquestioned for generations.
Award Winner – Winner of the “Norwegian Design Award” and “The Jury’s Special Award” by the
Norwegian Design Council in 1999.
International popularity – Global sales reaching ca. 20.000 beds per year with a continuing increase in

Not just a pretty accessory! 10 reasons why parents keep falling in love with Stokke® Sleepi™
Unique shape: Nest-like shape so baby feels extra snug and safe.
Growing with the child: Stokke® Sleepi™ can be used from newborn to approximately 10 years,
using extension kits.
Maneuverable: Lockable swivel wheels make it easy and safe to move around your home, so you can
keep your baby close both night and day.
Height adjustable: 4 mattress height levels make it easier on your back and increases the safety for
your child.
Air flow: A perforated wooden mattress bottom optimizes air flow, increasing comfort for your little one.
Comfortable: Pressure-resistant foam mattress for comfort and a hypoallergenic, breathable structure
for safety.
Sustainable: The European Beech wood originates from self-generating forestry. All textiles are either
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or Certified organic cotton (OCS 100).
Iconic: Designed in 1999, it is still the most stylish crib.
Instagrammable: With lots of colours and accessories, you can create the nursery of your dreams.
Durable quality: Extended warranty of 7 years.

The crib that grows with the child
Easy to use conversion kits mean that the Stokke® Sleepi™ crib can be used from newborn, to toddler
and child. You can adjust and extend the crib from a smaller, higher, newborn crib to a fully extended
child’s bed. Throughout its transition it retains the iconic oval shape, cocooning your child in comfort
and quality from ages 0 to around 10 years old; so you can keep falling in love with Stokke® Sleepi™
again and again.


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